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A Celebration | Hello, My Name Is Johnny Cash.

Born today in 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas, we celebrate a man of humble beginnings. We dedicate today’s Doing It Right, to the Man in Black. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Johnny Cash. (more…)

Watching | Rolex Men

The Swiss watchmaker that’s tried and true – The ranks which adorn their wrists with these fine and rugged machines are plenty. From head of state to cosmonaut, it’s the watch that just keeps on ticking. Wind yourself down, and enjoy the watch that doesn’t need winding. Simply put, these men had more important things to do.


Furnished | Restoration Hardware’s Blackhawk Side Table

One look at the Blackhawk Side Table by Restoration Hardware, and  you’d think jet fuel would spill out if you opened a drawer. Paying homage to the golden age of aviation, Restoration Hardware has released there new collection of aviation inspired furniture geared towards the jet head in every guy. Designed with streamlined aluminum tracing the contours of these units, they look like they have been built to Mil-Spec qualifications and as if the afterburners on theses babies are still cooling off.  While we’re not sure if its cool enough to touch yet, it definitely looks cool enough to keep you staring at it while it does.

Perpetual Buzz | The Tianjin Seagull 1963

Recently featured at  Hodinkee, we decided to take a closer look at the Seagull 1963 Chinese Airforce watch. While the watch is no Audemars Piguet Tourbillon, it is an affordable and fun little watch that stands out in the sea of  Tag and Omega emblazoned wrists these days. More likely, look at it as an improved replacement to the trendy return of the Timex with NATO style bands on them. (more…)

The Machine, The Design, The Man | Howard Hughes

Few men have garnered the mystery and allure that the greatest aviator of the 20th century possessed. As a man of intrigue, and great sophistication, Howard Hughes was characterized as being one of the most brilliant men of our time while pushing the limits of personal achievement. His accomplishments would mark everything from aerospace to film. (more…)

Doing It Right | The Fifties – Lunchroom Manners

For all of those spending your Saturday morning in a unproductive fashion, brush up on your manners with this entertaining PSA on childrens lunchroom manners (1959).  Check out the Draper-esque look these kids sport. Lessons learned: Woo the lunch lady, use way too much soap and eat half a chocolate cake. Maintain perfect head of hair.

True Grit | The Colt New Service

Not the usual style post for TGT, but you have to love the wear on this Colt New Service pistol.  Issued in 1898 to the US armed forces, it was to become an option to the M1911 in World War I which lacked the reliable functionality of a double action sidearm. Devoid of the markings of pre 1930s Colts, the pistol has no serial number. It was to become a central part of the Old West and America’s armed forces. Unable to accurately date this piece of history, it seems to have been made at some point earlier than 1908, judging by its features. Take a look at the close ups while the barrel is still hot.

The Rite | Wolverine Boot Conditioning

It’s an inevitable fact that all leather will eventually dry up and crack. When we put good money into our leather accouterments, it is our responsibility to extend its usefulness in our lifetime. Enter Montana Leather Dressing. This is a unique blend by Montana, made up of pine sap, bees wax and mink oil. If you are looking to weather seal and recondition your leather, there is simply no better way to do it.


Weathered | A.P.C. Denim

Here we have a pair of APCs with some considerable use. As many know, APC alongside a slew of new companies have been offering selvage denim yet again to the the masses. Traditionally, jeans were made of denim produced off of shuttle loom machines, however around the 1950s with the arrival of lower cost production and more efficient technology, the shuttle looms came to be replaced by the modern projectile-style looms. (more…)

Saturday | Doing It Right

Kick back, like Ernie Hemingway. Loose the shirt, grab a mojito. Man’s best friend should be close and your lady even closer. Surround yourself in cats, only if your half as cool as Hemmy. Do it right.

Ernest Hemingway at his ranch in Cuba, Finca Vigia with Jean Patchett, Black Dog, Ectasy and Boise.

The Eclectic Word | The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

I decided to introduce a new series of posts at TGT, revolving around interesting books. Every gentleman should acquire, amass and finally furnish a grand personal library, full of interesting, useful and the occasional rare book. I for one, will probably never be one to own a Kindle, as I believe books deserve space, both for their aesthetic appreciation and that they command respect. As such, I will begin with a book that I was once firmly instructed to keep well beyond my years as a college student.

Now, I had never been one to sell my textbooks pertaining to my major and assigned readings, but I did occasionally rid myself of the extraneous textbook which would serve no purpose in my mind.  It was in my Economic Data Analysis class that a professor who was somewhat of an international authority in Keynesian economics, and John Maynard Keynes’ life,  recommended a supplemental book to the pursuit of faithfully presenting information. The book is entitled The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte.


Norman Rockwell | Style Imitating Art, Imitating Style

Few men have been able to capture American life as skillfully as Norman Rockwell could. Rockwell had an impeccable ability in depicting blue collar America and being able to convey the emotions of his subjects. Norman Rockwell, by way of his paintbrush, captured some of the most iconic imagery of the 30s and 40s. Unknowingly to many, most of his paintings were staged in his studio and prepared for a scene, at times using multiple individuals from separate studies. [More Inside]