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Weathered | A.P.C. Denim

Here we have a pair of APCs with some considerable use. As many know, APC alongside a slew of new companies have been offering selvage denim yet again to the the masses. Traditionally, jeans were made of denim produced off of shuttle loom machines, however around the 1950s with the arrival of lower cost production and more efficient technology, the shuttle looms came to be replaced by the modern projectile-style looms.

Back when denim both had the dual role of true-workwear and a symbol of americana, the jean was often an untreated denim. That is to say it was not mercerized (treated for increased sheen) or sanforized (stretched and treated to avoid shrinkage). Denim came in its natural state, at the earliest point in its life, therefore having the longest useful life. The word selvage derives itself from the self reinforcing edge of the jean made on shuttle looms – self edge.

As a consequence, the natural wear and tear of this untreated fabric  brings about the most accurate contouring to the body. The jean will become your most comfortable pair of jeans, and last you longer than any other pair. Size down for more character, and watch as they become your favorite pair of jeans. They will expand with the movement of your body and you won’t even realize you are wearing jeans two sizes smaller than you usually would.

Above is a video from the guys at Self Edge, and while they don’t carry APCs, they do have a wealth of selvage jeans and really do embrace that Americana feel to denim made stateside. This featured clip details the making of ROY denim with shuttle looms.

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