Take off your coat, and stay awhile…

The Rite | Wolverine Boot Conditioning

It’s an inevitable fact that all leather will eventually dry up and crack. When we put good money into our leather accouterments, it is our responsibility to extend its usefulness in our lifetime. Enter Montana Leather Dressing. This is a unique blend by Montana, made up of pine sap, bees wax and mink oil. If you are looking to weather seal and recondition your leather, there is simply no better way to do it.

TGT came across this great product from a recommendation from the folks at Leffot that highly recommended its use on Horween shell cordovan, as well as many other leathers.  Slap on a healthy helping of Montana pitch blend with your bare hands and you will see results.

Below is a video from Leffot on its application and recommendation of upkeep for the Wolverine 1ooo Miles.

For those lacking patience for shipping, run over to Leffot as they have a good supply of them. Leffot is located at 10 Christopher St, New York, NY. Update on the treatment to follow.

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