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Shaken, Not Stirred | Maratac Zulu & NATO Straps

Fifty years ago, Sean Connery emerged from the Jamaican waters on the set of Dr. No with his Submariner 6538 and complimenting nylon NATO strap. Ladies abound and Martini in hand, the humble pairing would markedly be dubbed the James Bond watch. However, with the passing of time, the cinematic union of NATO strap and time piece would fall into the dusty recesses of the forgotten, kept alive only in the community of watch connoisseurs and Bond fans.

Fortunately, due to the resurgence of military themed functionality and economically efficient style trends, the NATO strap has ridden the wave back to the shore of the public conscious and can be seen virtually everywhere. Enter Maratac Straps.

Hailed as the premier strap manufacturer among the watch collecting community, Maratac engineers their straps to MIL SPEC standards and the UK’s Ministry of Defense qualifications. Designed for rough and tumble reliability and quality, the Maratac strap of today would have prompted James Bond himself from switching out his ill-fitting 18mm strap for a properly fitting strap.

While the Maratac NATO James Bond strap is not one in the same as the three color regimental NATO that Bond wore in Dr. No, it still passes unnoticed as virtually the same. For some reason, his submariner was outfitted with an 18mm NATO strap leaving an awful lot of space between the lugs, but really who are we to judge. Regardless, if you are looking to switch things up and offer a solid nod to the James Bond franchise before  the repositioning strategy by Omega, this is the way to do it.

If you are looking for a way to refresh your old timepiece, lighten things up with the warmer weather, and protect your watches band from harm, picking up a NATO or Zulu style strap will do you well.

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