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Kickin’ It | Seavees 5/65s Tennis Shoes

The self proclaimed purveyors of California cool, know how to make one helluva shoe – the Seavees 5/65 Tennis shoes. In all honesty, it’s tough to find a sturdy canvas shoe without looking too juvenile. Sure the Chuck Taylors are a worthy contender of that grungy spot atop the pedestal of care-free mens footwear; but lets be honest, your feet will have more in common with the pimple faced academic trying to ace his SATs, than men of head turning tastes – not to mention just about everyone has owned a pair.


The Eclectic Word | Glenn O’Brien’s How To Be A Man

Mr. Glenn O’Brien, the GQ Style Guy himself, with his wisdom on everything from french cuff shirts to aging gracefully, has put his words to pen and created the ultimate book on being a gentleman. How To Be A Man,  will be sure to solve your sartorial conundrums and move you to study up while lulling a tumbler of brandy in your palm. Featuring the  intermittent illustrations of  renown artist Jean Phillipe Delhomme’s caricatures (how fittingly ironic), this brightly bound hard cover will be a welcomed treasure to any bookcase. Manhood, Style, Behavior, Culture and Society, and Wisdom, all cleverly articulated by the man who rubbed elbows with legendary social heavyweights such as  Andy Warhol and David Bowie. Do yourself a favor and get your grimy paws on this book.  All those who have witnessed you waver from a position of gentlemanly grace will be greatly appreciative. Cheers. (more…)

Facebook | TGT Wants You

TGT can now be found on Facebook and Twitter. Occasionally, supplemental information and material will make its way to either source. We encourage you to follow, should you feel so inclined and partake in any banter that pertains to the disposition of TGT. Enjoy.


Doing It Right | Gimme Fuel

When the legendary Argentine motorhead was asked how he won 5 Formula One races, he calmly replied “Very Easy. Accelerate more. Break less”.

Smell like fuel, Have the grit and take the Carraciola Karrusell like Fangio. Accelerate more, break less.

Juan Manuel Fangio, F1 1954-1957 Champion

Tumblr | Back In The Badlands

Yesterday, we launched the sister site/tumblr-sibling of The Gentleman’s Topcoat. If you haven’t noticed, half of the driving force behind TGT, is not only the style agenda of the gentleman, but the visuals associated with them. Back in the Badlands, is just that – a visual celebration of the places, things, items and moments we admittedly hope to experience. It translates into our unabashed attempt to influence our daily lives with these visuals. It is a conscious reminder, that we need not lead a life marked by monotony and bland overtones. Suit up, and step outside – We are Back in the Badlands.

Doing It Right | High and Slow

Pilot the most feared machine known to man – act like it’s no biggie. Cruise high and slow, act with intent. Do it right.

“I am proud that I was able to start with nothing, plan it, and have it work as perfectly as it did… I sleep clearly every night.”

– Paul Tibbets (1975), Pilot of the Enola Gay

Swagger À La Nicholson

Only Jack Nicholson can command these kind of reactions from the ladies. In their defense they were trying out for his production Drive, She Said (1970); but we cant help but love the confidence he carries with the distressed old Levi’s trucker jacket and skullcap. Noteworthy observations – his “Elect Nicholson” sticker on his briefcase and his pre-Cuckoo’s Nest skullcap. We guess he was rocking the McMurphy look long before bringing the rowdy character to life.


The Printing Press | Axis Map’s Typographic Maps

We’ve been a fan of Axis Maps, fine graphic design creations for some time. While not exactly a graphic design studio, this contemporary cartography studio cranks out impressive renditions of maps with equal portions of cartography and typography, to create visually unique products/art.  We’ve been following them awaiting the release of their long anticipated New York map of Manhattan. Well, they just hit the press and can be gotten for a very reasonable price for such eye-candy. Alongside the release of the Manhattan maps, comes the DC edition.  All we know is we want one – real bad. Grab them now while you still can at Typographic Maps.

From The Desk Of | Winston Churchill

The contents of every man’s desk does a great telling about the character and disposition of the proprietor. No less true does that statement hold for great statesmen and public figures favorably recognized by history. As such, we bring you the desk of the British Bulldog. From Chartwell, his Kent home, this is the desk of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.

Editorial Edification | WSJ – Jacket (Not) Required

The Wall Street Journal has one helluva’ concerning claim if I have ever heard one  – The imminent demise of the formal wear requirement. While many, including myself, would not deny the apparent decline of the formal dress requirement over the course of the decade, we all note the complimentary resurgence of well dressed fellows.

Dapper Dan – we salute you. However, we do believe the WSJ claims are a bit of a stretch. To declare the swelling waters of casual dress are none less than a slowly approaching tidal wave to wipe the formal dress requirement into extinction, is – in one word, precocious. Like all trends and movements, even the doing away with mores limited to the opulent confines of fine dining establishments are subject to the rise and fall of tastes and, with regards to style trends –  the contents of our wallet. Case and point – look to the evolving trends currently underway, shifting from a utilitarian fashion with a non-specific income tax bracket, to styles still very much utilitarian yet reflecting better times on the horizon – safari themed collections, designs reminiscent of aviators who glamorized flights, and others. The economy already suggests that it may not be too soon to polish off those old cufflinks.


Doing It Right | Fisticuffs

Jack Dempsey didn’t believe in magic, and neither should you  –  Tonight, come out swinging.  Literalism’s aside, you know what I mean.  Make it happen, and dress the part.

Above : Jack Dempsey takes a swing at Harry Houdini at a publicity event with Benny Leonard, while American troops look on (Circa ~1925).

Everyday Carry | TGT’s Personal Effects

Let’s be honest, we love things here at TGT. In light of that truth, let us not forget that there are many things we don’t need. However, there are the belongings every man needs, or believes he does and thus will never leave his home without. That was the concept behind Everyday Carry – a tumblr style site of the items we fill our pockets with, strap to our wrists and push up to the bridge of our nose.  Anyone can submit a picture of their collection of man regalia, to share with others. Granted, every now and then there is a collection of items that resemble the equipment of a conspiracy theorist on the eve of Y2K. However, use your own discretion to decide what is to be taken seriously and what not – at least in terms of everyday carry.

As for myself, these are the list of things I carry on a regular basis. Living in New York, I do still carry a pocket knife, but demoted myself to a Leatherman for obvious reasons. Back when I studied in North Carolina, I even then got a lot of flack for carrying a pocket knife. Today, the Leatherman sits in my bag. Anyways, now that the disclaimer is out of the way – we take inventory:


The Rite | The Chalk & Thread of Martin Greenfield

It used to be that a man had a relationship with his tailor, like his barber. A visit was usually accompanied by the inquiry about the family and the Mrs, maybe some discourse about the local politics, a warm handshake and one was off.

Well, here is TGT’s celebration and reminder of the important place of the tailor in a polished gentleman’s life. We bring you skilled Brooklyn-based tailor Martin Greenfield, to remind you of that reality. Working as a tailor in a concentration camp during the holocaust, he made his jump across the Atlantic after a relative found him after the War’s end. He has been working on the tailleur that makes boys into men ever since, and runs his own shop across the Hudson.

The reality is, few men exist today that know the bond of fabric and seam, quite as well as Martin Greenfield knows. So, dust off that old duffel bag and throw it over your shoulder, we all own something that could look better on us. You know who you are – Mothballs aren’t mints to keep your coats fresh…  [Photos Via TheSelby]