Take off your coat, and stay awhile…

Kickin’ It | Seavees 5/65s Tennis Shoes

The self proclaimed purveyors of California cool, know how to make one helluva shoe – the Seavees 5/65 Tennis shoes. In all honesty, it’s tough to find a sturdy canvas shoe without looking too juvenile. Sure the Chuck Taylors are a worthy contender of that grungy spot atop the pedestal of care-free mens footwear; but lets be honest, your feet will have more in common with the pimple faced academic trying to ace his SATs, than men of head turning tastes – not to mention just about everyone has owned a pair.

Enter the 5/65s. Obtaining its namesake from the historic NCAA tennis match headed by Arthur Ashe, the numerals correspond to the date of the fabled match. Modeled after the predominant minimalistic men’s sportshoe  of the decade, the tennis shoes evokes the same sense of there not being a care in the world, but offers a solid nod to the stylistic responsibilities it make well fulfill as the compliment of a pair of flatfront khakis or your favorite weekender jeans. Our favorite touch – the leather lined front above the sole.  Regardless, the Seavees are sure to please. They are available in a natural color, blue (shown), grey and can be gotten at JCREW or Saturdays.

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