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Ivy Corner | The Baracuta G9 Harrington

Few staples of the ivy prep’s wardrobe has garnered the laurels of versatility as has the Barcuta G9 Harrington jacket. Names of the like of Steve McQueen, James Dean, Elvis Presley, Sinatra, The Clash and countless others have worn the iconic British tartan-plaid lined jackets. Making its film debut in James Dean’s 1955 Rebel Without A Cause, the jacket would become synonymous with the 50s heartthrob and with the edgy leading man. Shortly thereafter the King himself wore the jacket in the aptly titled 1958 flick, King Creole. Elvis Presley effectively cemented its status as a style icon among the limited selection of mens apparel contemporaries.

Among the prep community and later by trickle down,  the jacket became the signature piece of subcultural movements, such as the brit-punks, modders, and skinheads. Even the fabled Yale Co-Op had a devoted place for the Harrington, a collegiate ivy leaguer favorite. The Clash and many others soon took the clean cut jacket as a cleverly juxtaposed style accent against the subversive uniform of the punk scenester. The Harrington, the nickname of the jacket Dean/Presley jacket obtained its namesake from the signature look of television series Peyton Place’s character, Rodney Harrington. Baracuta willingly accepted the nickname alongside the G9 denomination, and it became widely known thereforth as the G9 Harrington.

However, the greatest proponent of the G9 Harrington, is without a doubt Mr. Frank Bullit – aka Steve McQueen. A widely public figure and active sportsmen, Steve McQueen wore it prominently and was well documented wearing the Harrington and eventually became synonymous with his life of adventure and care free lifestyle. Such images of him on his Triumph TR6, his E-Type Jaguar, and his 911 Porsche show him exiting with the kind of cool that made him so popular on the screen as off and with the full range of colors Baracuta made available.

While the Baracuta  G9 Harrington’s prominence today is well not forgotten, and is not nearly as visible as it was in its 50s and 60s heyday. Lucky for us, the appreciation for this classic is making its way back to the mind of men’s style cognoscentis. The classic jacket has many of the traits currently so desired in modern articles, such as a trim fit, sleak lines and well thought out trimmings while celebrating a varied history carried out on the backs of great men with even greater aspirations. And as expected, it gets you where you need to be, looking good with a dash of rebel without a cause.

For additional images of the gentlemen that made the G9 what it is today be sure to check out TGT’s visual supplement, Back In The Badlands tumblr. 


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