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Weathered | RRL Straight Leg Raw Denim

Being the denimheads that we are, we decided to try our luck on a different make of highly regarded denim. Procured from the establishment of Ralph Lauren’s RRL store, the denim at hand is a thicker more supple denim. Made in the good ole’ US of A, in comparison to its French and Japanese cohorts, the selvage denim comes unmercerized and unsanforized. This means the indigo is not painted on the cotton, and that it is not chemically treated to avoid shrinkage. The denim comes in its virgin state with its trademark racing stripe that is only visible with a turned up cuff, indicating its selvage denim DNA.

Having laid to rest a pair of A.P.C’s due to the infamous blown-out crotch, we thought we’d try our hand at Ralph Lauren’s high-end and rugged denim. Their straight leg, having a greater rise than today’s butt-flapped and embroidered jeans, allows you to wear your button downs the only way they are meant to be worn – tucked. Regardless of your dress M.O. trying to impress the ladies, the RRL denim Straight Legs are sure to satisfy and be the perfect “casual” partner in crime to your wingtips, or your Red Wings. Let’s put it this way: If the Marlboro Man were alive today, he’d give up his cigarette stipend for a pair – or so we’d like to think.

Stay tuned for Part II and III of this series. Entitled Worn, and Wash respectively.

One response

  1. AL D.

    Takes a minute to break these bad boys in but when you do, you’ll agree they will be the best jeans you’ve ever own. I’ve been working on my first RRL Slim Straight for bout a two years and just now starting to blow through the knee + crotch.

    August 24, 2011 at 12:30 pm

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