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Watching | Miles’s Jazzed Up Navitimer

Brought to our attention by the folks at Hodinkee, some pretty awesome horological knowledge has been imparted  upon us regarding the trusty timepiece Miles Davis wore. A lifelong patron of the Breitling aviator’s watch, the Prince of Darkness’s preferred timepiece was a Breitling Navitimer. While sometimes straying to an unidentified watch on a curb-link bracelet (as pictured below), he outfitted his Breitling in a widestrap leather cuff.

Although the shot above is a bit unclear, the cuff is definitely there and exists as stark evidence of Mr. Davis’s unique sense of style. We find it hard to believe that the traditional Breitling-man of the day would ever tamper with the factory look for a widestrap. And even if we aren’t exactly thrilled about the look, we do endorse any and every man’s attempt to engineer his own Frankenwatch.

Via Hodinkee

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