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The Viewing Room | Boardwalk Empire Threads (Pt. 2)

Boardwalk Empire is back with a big shotgun bang right through some gangsters back.  We are talkin’ the bespoke threads of Costume Designer John Dunn and Martin Greenfield. Now in it’s Second season, the duo are bringing back TV’s best-dressed Golden Boy in new light, and we bring you the style highlights in all their glory. For more images, read on.

Nucky Thompson and his foes have evolved into their new menswear states. Nucky is more gangster than ever, and Jimmy Darmody more refined than his former workwear self. Filling those workwear spectator boots is a newcomer to the scene, Gun-toting Irishman Owen Slater. And lastly, we see Lucky Luciano delve deeper into the style arena, and fulfill a historically well known caveat of being the notoriously well dressed crime boss. Interestingly, in real life he credited one Arnold Rothstein for that skill.

Without giving away much more of the production’s plot, noteworthy details are plenty. Surfacing yet again is the 20’s style henley design seen on such productions of Drive (2011) and the racks of Levi’s LVC, JCrew and Mister Freedom – seen on Darmdoy A confounding detail is the show’s first button tab collar, which may have just been an early poor man’s collar pin of sorts, donned by Owen Slater. Chalky White walks with greater poise and respect in a maturing sense of style and moderation.

Meanwhile, individuals of lesser grace and temperance wear slack suits and fumble trying to look good. We see what you did there Mr. Scorsese, and we like it.

Step into the TGT Viewing Room, and study up on the looks of these sartorial heavyweights. Class is in session.

Note: All images are property of HBO.
Editor’s Note: For a deadringer of the Darmody Henley, check out the product of Mister Freedom.


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