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Wolverine 1000 Mile | I’ve Been Everywhere

Wolverine boot has endured a history of over 125 years. Founded by G.A. Krause in 1885, the company has been producing quality rugged boots for both work-wear and casual necessity. However, it is their Wolverine 1000 Mile boot that has brought its name back to a modern cultural relevance with its design homage to the classic American work boot.  Centered in Rockford, Michigan, the Wolverine brand is one of the many menswear names gaining notoriety today for their “Made-In-America” hallmark. Manufactured by the leathers procured by the hands of The Horween Leather company, an equally historically relevant brand, we find every contour and crevice of this boot finished with the utmost care and attention to quality. Manufactured entirely in Horween Shell Cordovan, these handsome boots are sure to take a good beating and age gracefully like an underdog boxer would.

As its namesake suggests, these are a pair of boots that can be worn to hell and back. And in doing so, you can at least say you turned a few horned-heads along the way.