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Concealed Carry | Filson Field Bag

If you are familiar to TGT, by now you very well know that we are suckers for things that age well and accouterments with awesome hardware. Enter Filson, part deux. Earlier in the year we discussed the absolute perfection of Filson’s oversized version of their own original briefcase, which they unlovingly dubbed the padded computer bag.  Well, here is the best companion a DSLR totting, who-is-carrying-the-ammo?, adventure-man can sling.

Dubbed their Medium Field Bag, it has the hallmarks of a well made Filson: heavy canvas twill, leather trim and rugged brass hardware. Its small enough while remaining perfectly functional, but large enough to carry everything but the laptop, for those days that you are feeling neo-luddite. Ranging from hunting friendly to city slicking, the bag is sure to please. Clearly, Filson has another winner.

Our favorite part? How quickly the personal wear sets in and affirms this is undoubtedly your-own. More shots after the jump.


Filson | Leather & Canvas

Alongside the revival of  interest in things made to last, is the revival of craftsmanship techniques that have stood the test of time. At  Filson, those techniques are alive and well. Using traditional saddlebag techniques and rugged twill, Filson’s luggage and messenger style bags have the weight and reinforced stitching to last a lifetime. The aesthetics and design of their messenger style bags is a happy medium between the stylistically-beleaguered backpack and the all too formal leather briefcase.

My only observation? You are more likely to wear off  on it, than it wear off on you. Proof of this statement? – A pleasant union of the hues of brown and blue on the bottom side of the bag from my deep blue denim jeans. But hell, I guess the patina is growing on me.