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TGT for DRIVEN | The Reins in Spain

While we took some time off  in the Costa del Sol, TGT was invited to the most exclusive private racing track in Europe – the Ascari Race Resort. There we spent a day with up-and-coming Spanish race car sensation Alvaro Fontes to familiarize ourselves with a behemoth track made up of the racing world’s celebrated twists and turns. We would then experience the track first hand, behind the wheel of the fastest car to ever round the track Nurburgring Nordschleife. For more on the octane infused day, head on over to UrbanDaddy’s DRIVEN.


TGT on Foot | Spanish Sprezz’

Affording ourselves some R&R in Spain’s Costa del Sol, TGT took to the streets of Puerto Banus with a moderate dose of sprezzatura. Upon arrival to the Spanish port we took in the sights of sounds like a Malagueño and spent a day keeping it light. We bring you our impressions of the day lived vicariously through the lens of our trusty sidearm. Vale?

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