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The Greasy Garage | Boys of Bonneville Trailer

Not a day too late, the folks at Jalopnik bring to our attention Curt Wallin’s documentary about the first speedsters to carve up the salt flats of Bonneville. We are speaking of none other than the pioneers of land speed records, The Boys of Bonneville. If you’ve been following Back In The Badlands you’ll see our fascination for the adrenaline chasers of old – the guys who modded up motorcycles and cars to travel at ungodly speeds. The Boys of Bonneville documents the same pursuit of speed and adventure – namely that of the frankenstein speed Goliath known as the Mormon Meteor, based on a 1932 Duesenberg chassis (on BITB). Advanced screenings are available in California, Utah and Nevada. For more information be sure to check out their site on their tentative limited release.