Take off your coat, and stay awhile…

Media Work

Over the years I have done different projects with branding and logo design. Work has ranged from small private work to more involved  design for corporate entities.  Here is a brief sample of some material that has been recently completed, along with a selection of older material. Soon I’ll be adding some digital art I’ve produced.

This was an early blog title for TGT before it was TGT; unfortunately it was spoken for.

Sample Graphic Design

A logo for an independent Marketing consulting company by the same title.

Design for the Tumblr site Back In The Badlands.

Independent design for a clinic in North Carolina.

Logo Design 1

Recent redesign concept for the same company.

Design Concept

A free hand sample of work from the wacom tablet

A logo made for an Argentinean company

I designed this for an Arabian horse breeding farm.

The Gentlemans Topcoat Logo

Ad 1 designed by myself.

Ad 2 designed by myself.

Design Concept 1

One response

  1. Hey:
    Great ensemble of classy trivia and quality products that enhance a gentlemans life.
    I enjoyed the time here and am looking forward to more free time to browse in detail.
    Cheers!!! And keep it going!

    March 24, 2011 at 10:00 am

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