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TGT for DRIVEN | Range Rover’s Evoque at Whistler

Last month, we spent a day with Range Rover in Vancouver getting the first look at their newest incarnation of off-roading luxury, the Evoque. Set in the mountains of Whistler Blackcomb, a private stretch of the famed mountain was prepared for us to push the limits of the new Evoque. Through sun, rain, gravel, light rock-crawling and snow, our English thoroughbred pierced the scenery at Whistler Mountain only to arrive looking better that when it was delivered to us, as a mud covered object of irony. For more on the Evoque’s ascent of Whistler Blackcomb, head on over to UrbanDaddy’s DRIVEN.

One response

  1. I saw the 3 door and 5 door models at last weekends Goodwood Breakfast meets, and to be completely honest I was dead impressed. The Evqoue still retains all the marques of what Range Rover stands for but introduces new aspects of a modern car reducing CO2’s and increasing MPGs. I have certainly seen a good few out on the roads now after a short time from launch and I have to say they do stand out and look very good amongst other cars. Well done Land Rover!

    November 9, 2011 at 9:31 am

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